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⭕️XRP Logo Over Full Moon

⭕️XRP Logo Over Full Moon

Day: 08 | Time: 18:48:14 Bitstamp, a cryptocurrency exchange based in Luxembourg, has posted a mysterious image showing the XRP logo overlaid on a full moon, sparking curiosity within the XRP community. The phrase "to the moon" typically signifies a highly bullish sentiment, but XRP investors have been disappointed with the token's performance over the past year. Bitstamp suspended XRP trading in December 2020 due to Ripple's legal issues with the SEC, but later reinstated the token. Ripple acquired a stake in Bitstamp last year to diversify its operations. Additionally, the Robinhood platform has announced plans to acquire Bitstamp in 2025.


Luxembourg-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp has puzzled the XRP community with a mysterious post that shows the XRP logo superimposed onto a full moon.

Alongside the picture, the exchange posted a caption that reads, "I took this picture of the moon last night."